Law Enforcement Assessment & Security

Our mission is to provide law enforcement agencies with the guidance and direction needed to develop comprehensive and state-of-the-art policies and procedures to meet all applicable accreditation standards. It is our goal to guide agencies through the entire process of becoming fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. CALEA ®. BlueLine Advantage, LLC will accomplish this mission through professional and ethical consulting practices based on experience and expertise. We have completed on-site assessments throughout the United States & Canada. We look forward to reviewing your agency’s needs.

Here are some of the services that BlueLine Advantage can assist you with:


  • Perform a gap analysis between existing policy and procedures and those required to comply with CALEA standards
  • Survey command, supervisory, civilian, and line staff to determine satisfaction level with current policy and procedures and to gather suggestions for improvement from end-users at every level of the agency


  • Conduct staff training on maintaining written directives to ensure current and ongoing accreditation compliance


  • Present format, style, and content options
  • Based on agency philosophy and preferred options, develop and present a comprehensive written project proposal, including timelines and customized manual demo
  • Based on agency needs and organizational philosophy, propose an efficient system of approval authority


  • Compose policy and procedure drafts and re-drafts, ensuring compliance with CALEA standards
  • Develop and facilitate approval process
  • Format and key-in text for hard copy and/or electronic version(s)
  • Facilitate printing of hard copies and/or distribution of print and/or electronic version(s)
  • Develop and facilitate process for required acknowledgements of receipt
  • Develop and provide training to familiarize all staff with format and content of new and improved policy and procedures manual
  • Train designated staff to handle future policy and procedures updates