Professional & Experienced Business Services

BlueLine Advantage can help you by maximizing your business’ protection with personnel checks, developing policy and assisting in civil investigations & litigation.

Here are some of the services that BlueLine Advantage can assist you with:

Background Search & Drug Screening

Whether you require an Entry Level background check to ensure that your new employee has a criminal- free history, or an Executive Search to protect every aspect of your corporation, BlueLine Advantage can create a package just for you (starting at $50). Additionally, we offer drug screening, TB testing and can provide a physical through our partnership with a local medical facility.

Policy & Procedure

We provide our clients with the guidance and direction needed to develop comprehensive and state-of-the-art policies and procedures to meet all of your business needs. We are experienced in researching, developing and writing policy, and look forward to serving you!

Asset & Debt Search

Are you considering purchasing an existing business and need to understand the full scope of their assets & debts? Do you have civil litigation pending and want a better understanding of your opponent’s financial background? We specialize in asset searches and are ready to go to work for you!

Civil Investigations

Our team has over 74 years of successful investigative experience. Our professionalism and attention to detail is just part of the BlueLine Advantage. We understand that your case is personal, and will work for you as if you were family. We can’t guarantee a desired outcome, but we can promise that we will leave no stone unturned in investigating your case in a timely manner.