Experienced & Thorough Investigative Services

BlueLine Advantage has over 70 years combined experience in successful investigations. You can expect a professional, thorough, timely and ethical result. Many people wonder if they can afford a private investigator, and the answer is “Yes!” We will work with you to stay within your budget, and never surprise you with unexpected costs at the conclusion of your case.

Here are some of the services that BlueLine Advantage can assist you with:

Background Search & Drug Screening

Whether it’s a search on your childcare provider, an online contact, a potential new hire for your business, a future life partner or your daughter’s new boyfriend, BlueLine Advantage has many levels of background searches available. We will work with you to create a package that meets your needs and work within your budget.

Additionally, we have partnered with a local medical office to provide drug-screening panels, TB testing and physicals frequently used during the hiring process. We can also help parents interested in knowing if their child is using illegal substances.

Child Custody Investigation Services

Fighting for the custody of your child during a divorce or when their safety is in question, is one of the most important gifts that you can give. Their well being is the foundation upon which they build the rest of their lives, and they deserve to be healthy and happy. We can help you and your attorney through background searches, surveillance and a thorough investigation into your child’s current living conditions and the history of their caretakers.

Infidelity Investigation Services

Our investigators are available around the clock for surveillance, and are familiar with the covert tactics necessary to confirm or exclude matters of infidelity. We are happy to work with you directly or through your attorney.

Criminal Investigations & Cold Cases

Our partner’s law enforcement backgrounds have prepared them to thoroughly investigate every aspect of a criminal investigation. Whether it’s a theft, assault, traffic reconstruction or other crime, our team is prepared to tackle your case. Need help with a cold case? Give us a call.

Paternity Investigation & DNA Testing

BlueLine Advantage has an established relationship with a certified testing lab for paternity verification and DNA testing.

Asset Investigation Services

We recently helped a client uncover $5.9 million dollars in unknown assets. Our experience and tools can help ensure that you don’t get short-changed during personal and business negotiations, or a divorce settlement. We’d like to help if you suspect fraudulent financial behavior.

Bullying, Homicide & Assault Investigation

Our investigative skills can help develop new leads and information for existing cases. We have a particular interest in eliminating bullying, and can work with you or your attorney to face the issue directly with the individuals or institutions involved.

Missing Person & Person Locate

Have you reported a missing person to law enforcement and want to ensure that your case stays active & top-of-mind? Are you looking for someone from your past? BlueLine Advantage has the experience to locate missing persons.