Hands down- the most rewarding part in the life of a Private Investigator is the lives’ you are able to touch in a meaningful way. Case in point…
We were recently contacted by a young woman who had learned at the age of 35 that she had been adopted as a newborn. She found herself with a sense of urgency about locating her birth parents. Not because she needed to reconnect, or ask them “why”, or to find out more about who they were. See… she had just been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and needed to provide her doctors with the most complete medical history possible so that they could treat her. The objective was to tilt the odds in her favor to beat the cancer.
As you might imagine, BlueLine Advantage felt a sense of urgency, as well. We dove right in, and based on research and interviews, were able to locate a man in a southwestern state that we believed to be her birth father. We made contact and explained the unusual circumstances. We explained that the woman we believed to be his daughter had no interest at this time in making contact, but she needed help! She needed an accurate medical history in order to treat her cancer.
The happy ending here is: The man was indeed her birth father. He provided her with all the information that her doctors needed and she is currently in remission. Surprisingly, he had NO idea that he had a child. The young woman’s birth mother had vanished 36 years ago without ever telling him that she was pregnant.
There is no family reunion planned at this time, but both parties have asked that BlueLine serve as a middle-man in the event that things should change in the future.